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Loft ladders OLK Better

Loft Ladders OLK BetterCharacteristic:

  • Energy-efficiency - Two-sided white 2.6cm thick insulated hatch reduces heat loss.
  • Perfect tightness - The box is equipped with e seal ensuring high level of tightness.
  • Safety of use - The grooves in the tread surface protect the foot from slipping while climbing up and down the ladder.
  • Comfort of use - Metal handrail enhances comfort and safety of the loft ladder operation.

Technical Specifications:

  • Maximum loading - 150 kg
  • Ladder width - 38 cm
  • Tread width - 7 cm
  • Tread length - 34 cm
  • Distance between treads - 25 cm
  • Hatch thickness - 2,6 cm
  • Box height- 14 cm
  • Hatch heat transfer coefficient* - U=1,54 W/m²K

*manufacturer’s internal testing for the middle part of the hatch



high insulation easy and quick installation wysoki komfort użytkowania warranty 2 year
high insulation easy and quick installation high comfort of use warranty 2 year



  • two-sided white 2.6cm thick insulated hatch of sandwich type reduces heat loss.


  • made of pinewood;
  • stiffened in corners with a spring catch;
  • equipped with a peripheral seal.


  • made of pinewood


  • treads connected to the strings by means of dovetail joints for increased connection durability;
  • equipped with special anti-slipping grooves.

Available sizes

  • 60x111, 60x120, 70x111, 70x120 [cm]



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