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OXL masking slats


Listwy maskujące OXLThe OXL masking slats are used for aesthetic hiding gaps between the box of the ladder and the opening in the ceiling. The OXL-PVC white plastic slats ensure extremely fast installation and do not require the use of nails. Slats are available in the size 70x140cm. Matching to smaller sizes of loft ladders by cutting longitudinal elements of slats.


They are suitable for the following loft ladders: OLS, OLK, OLT, OLE, OLE Mini OLE Thermo, OLE MAXI Thermo.

OXT insulation kit

Zestaw do otwierania klapy OXRThe OXT kit enhances insulation properties of the OLN non-insulated loft ladder mounted in the ceiling without the need for its whole replacement. The kit includes: two-sided white 2.6cm thick insulated hatch, peripheral seal to be mounted in the box, wooden masking slats and control rod for opening the hatch.
Available sizes 60x120, 70x120 [cm]

Kit for opening OXR hatch

Zestaw termoizolacyjny OXTThe OXR kit is an alternative method for opening the hatch of non-insulated loft ladder (with chipboard). The kit includes a hook screwed into the gap in the hatch and wooden control rod for opening the hatch.