KRONfol - Insulation and protection of foundations - KRONmat

Insulation and protection of foundations

KRONFLEXKRONFLEX dimpled foundation membrane is used for anti-moisture insulation of the building and its structure. It constitutes perfect protection against aggressive action of water vapour, ground water and soil.




Kronflex foundation membrane is used for insulation of:

  • foundation walls
  • covered ceilings
  • terraces
  • internal walls of basements
  • under floors of basements
  • retaining walls

KRONFLEXMembrane can also be used on external and internal surfaces, new and old structures. It is made of high density HDPE polyethylene thanks to which it features high mechanical strength. Thanks to appropriately profiled dimples it creates gap enabling additional ventilation of insulated surfaces.
High elasticity and flexibility allows for its easy forming as well as quick and easy installation.



Technical parameters
KRONflex 1,5 m

KRONflex 2,0 m

KRONflex 3,0 m

Basis weight [g/m²]
400 g/m² ± 10% 400 g/m² ± 10% 400 g/m² ± 10%
Thickness [mm] 0,2 0,2 0,2
Number of layers 1 1 1
Tear resistance: lengthwise [N/5cm] 250 250 250
Tear resistance: crosswise [N/5cm] 200 200 200
Fire rating F F F
Logistic information      
Roll size 1,5x20 m (30 m²) 2,0x20 m (40 m²) 3,0x20 m (60 m²)
Number of rolls per pallet 12 rolls 12 rolls 12 rolls
Weight/width/length/height of pallet 160 kg/ 1,0 m/ 1,30 m/ 1,65 m 208 kg / 1,0 m/ 1,3 m/ 2,2 m 360 kg / -



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