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KRONtherm - Non-permeable underlays

KRONtherm - Non-permeable underlaysThe non-permeable underlay is a material shielding insulation and roof structure from humid and warm air penetration. It constitutes a barrier
for water vapour forming inside the building, protecting at the same time wooden elements of the roof structure and insulation against moisture.






Application of Krontherm and Kronfol VP non-permeable underlays for insulation and protection of the roof brings many advantages:

for inhabitants:

  • protection of insulation and roof structure
  • reduction of heat loss and roof draughts
  • energy savings thanks to aluminium layer reflecting the heat


for contractors:

  • quick and easy installation
  • high flexibility and strength ensuring comfortable installation
  • universality of application for different roof structures


  KRONtherm 110 KRONfol VP
Technical parameters KRONtherm 110

KRONtherm 110 non-permeable underlay provides
very effective protection against water vapour penetration into insulation.Reflective layer of
aluminium film  partially reflects the heat radiating from the loft,  reduces its loss and contributes to energy savings.
Layer of non-permeable netting adds to strength
characteristics of the product. KRONtherm
non-permeable underlay ensures comfortable climatic conditions within the habitable loft spaces.


KRONfol VP is a single layer polyethylene nonpermeable underlay. Thanks to very good Sd coefficient it ensures high tightness, hence protects insulation material againstmoisture.
It constitutes barrier for humid and warm
air present inside the room. The underlay is characterized with good strength as well as is
easy and quick in installation. As standard it
comes in yellow colour.

Basis weight [g/m²] 110 -
Thicknesst [mm] 0,4 0,2
Sd coefficient [m] 45 105
Number of layers 3 1
Tear resistance: lengthwise [N/5cm] 120 60
Tear resistance: crosswise [N/5cm] 50 70
Material polietylen + aluminium polietylen
Fire rating E F
CE zgodnie z normą EN EN 13859-1:2006 i EN 13859-2:2006 EN 13859-1:2006 i EN 13859-2:2006
Logistic information    
Roll size 1,5 m x 50 m (75 m²) 2,0 m x 50 m (100 m²)
Number of rolls per pallet 100 80
Weight/width/length/height of pallet 880 kg/ 1,1 m/ 1,55 m/ 1,85 m 1150 kg / 1,1m/ 1,2 m/ 1,9 m


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