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Access roof light OPTILOOK

Access roof light WGI OPTILOOKThe type OptiLook and OptiLook T roof access windows are intended solely for uninhabited rooms. They enable easy access to the roof as well as provide good illumination of the room. They are characterized by a top hung design – the sash opens outwards.

  OptiLook OptiLook T access roof light is equipped with glazing unit with external pane toughened, whereas OptiLook access roof light comes with single toughened pane.

     Access roof lights are integrated with universal flashing.

Manufactured in  sizes:

  • 46 x 55 cm OptiLook, Optilook T
  • 46 x 75 cm OptiLook, Optilook T
  • 64 x 64 cm OptiLook
  • and in two most popular colours: RAL 7022 (grey) and RAL 8004 (red).


OptiLook RAL 7022 OptiLook RAL 8004
OptiLook RAL 7022 OptiLook RAL 8004


  • top hung structure – sash opens outwards
  • window frame made of impregnated pinewood
  • aluminium sash frame, powder coated and fitted with a gasket long the whole perimeter
  • three-step opening providing a facility for fresh air inflow adjustment
  • universal aluminium flashing finished with a flexible apron enables installation in the majority of roofing materials
  • as standard equipped with an installation kit facilitating and accelerating installation
  • suitable for roofs with pitches between 15 and 60 degrees
  • easy fitting system on battens does not require additional trimmers and allows the movement of the window horizontally to better adjust the place of installation in relation to the roof material profile
  • satisfies the requirements of the European product standard EN 14351-1, CE certified


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